Trial and Error: attaching a semi personal blog to game and tech reviews.

for starters this is totally new to me (can’t you tell). I’ve never really been big on the expressing your views to the world and potentially having them ravaged thing but I’m on a streak of trying new things and this is one of them. I’ve found that the process of writing and managing this helps my confidence a lot so really even if nobody ever reads this it’s helping me anyway. the main aspect of this for me is the game reviews. despite it being a number of years since i was a games development student ?I have always kept that love for games and writing about them, only over the last few years has it gotten a little easier though (Sorry for the spelling mistakes I’m not Illiterate i just dont notice it when i write in a flurry) alongside the games I intend to review technology too. as a computing and technical support (lots of networking thrown in there too) student this aspect is going to be primarily a focus for my studies and things that have caught my eye. which is a lot. i won’t lie I’ve looked at six new cases and two high end Ryzen CPU’s in the last two weeks alone 😀

i suppose an overview more than just i was and am a student is probably best. I’m 23, a young Ginger Englishman (well, technically I’m a scot by the grace of my parents but since my birthplace is England i can’t really be claiming the mantle… also with an accent like this nobody is ever going to believe that I’m a scot… ) hence the page name. you don’t make yourself Ginger by choice… that’s just weird 😀 . I’m hoping for a university placement to be honest as I’ve learned graduate work for I.T is in high demand abroad. i’m a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys, so if you’re into football then you’re my kind of person already! but i could also become really good at this and make it my living and be world famous … and then i wake up from the dream and remember im still in my ninja turtles lounge trousers and poor 😀 i suppose i don’t want to say too much as really I’m the boring aspect of this entire endeavour to not be boring (funny how that works). in terms of the material I’m making its starting off nicely. i even managed to get invited to a prospective game bloggers group by the lovely Paul over at Now Loading and Paul and the Backlog which doesn’t seem like much but to have someone look at your work even in its  fledgling stages and say i think you could get better here’s a helping hand. was a pretty big deal for me. i do have a focus group outside of that of a closed group of friends but sometimes i feel they are afraid to tell me my material is lacking. it’s something i do hope for even if nobody reads my material is feedback. when i was young i was taught that theirs always more than one approach and the approach i take may not be the best one. Feedback lets me know if my approach is iffy!

in terms of material schedule, much like the structure of this latest entry it’s a little bit all over the place at the moment. i thought id get along well doing one piece for each every week but i find myself playing more games regularly than and so have endeavoured to get out maybe two games a week in the form of one big title if the releases are there and a smaller one. this week was yooka laylee and Paradigm. both great titles and well worth the cash i spent on them (or at least that’s what i told the bank :D). in terms of tech im looking at a bi weekly scale. maybe a little more intermittent depending on the kind of stuff i have to work with and the personal stuff… well that’s just an ad hoc. an as i please kind of deal although if people get into it i can try something more regular. content will always endeavour to be friendly to all. i try to avoid swearing in my written work as much as i can as i feel the additions overall make me go for a far less mature styling. i dont want to write like a pro and be boring and factual but at the same time i don’t want to write the same way our town population talks and come across as uneducated and with a love for words that don’t go down well at dinner parties.

the page itself physically (well not physically because its a web page but you catch my drift) is currently very fluid in terms of design. I’m playing with themes and even getting some professional artwork done for me. i mean I’m paying for it but then again nothing in life is free. the artist doing the work is my wonderful better half who’s a talented young digital arts and animation student. I’m thinking something quite light hearted and a bit generic to start with but it’ll still have enough in it to be unique. he could even surprise me. to get a good idea of the kind of work that he’s got talent in you can find the links to his work at the bat the bottom of the page.

okay. so. to sum up this short post as a semi awful introduction to who i am. why i’m doing this and what i plan to do moving forward in a few short words would probably be. incoherent but at the moment that’s just the way that it is. i do hope that the people who have been viewing my small amount work stick around to see it improve and even for my page to gain a small following of its own and in the end game i just hope to continue to enjoy it. regardless of everything. because in the end that’s the whole damn point 😀


details for said prospective young art student:

Miserable in Orange Facebook

Miserable in Orange – Deviant Art


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