Social media connections – trying to push all the right buttons

So as I get to grips more with the writing thing (which is coming along nicely I think even if some pieces have turned out excessively long I feel they are well rounded and they are lengthy because I have a lot of points to put forward in them) I find myself playing with the social connections features of WordPress and how they might be good. As stated before I didn’t really start doing this to achieve a vast following of people. It’s a hobby, an exercise in confidence building and horizon expanding! Or at least that’s the day dream I keep selling myself as this becomes part of my routine.

To start with I have to say I don’t have a lot of experience with social media in terms of trying to sell myself. My entire Facebook feed is American Football and memes so I opted for one that’s popular and that I haven’t really gotten a lot of time with because yet again I wanted to try something new! So now my page has Twitter! I remember briefly spending some time on Twitter a few years ago and it being less that appealing for me as a personal platform so maybe the page Twitter will be better, more focused even. Twitter was also a suggestion from a friend who had said it would be the easiest platform to use. Which to a degree I can agree with. Running a page on Facebook for this seems like a lot of hard work that I’m just not prepared for yet. I use a lot of social media personally and I think the current app count is into double digits (I know… it’s kind of shameful… but they all have uses … I swear!) and they include all the big hitters at the moment, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat Etc. so I have a general idea of how they can be used for promoting something. Hell I’ve bought games, seen movies, followed pages that gave cropped up in these apps, but it’s turning out to be a lot harder than I imagined at first and I didn’t think it would be that easy to begin with 😲 but god damn this is hard, kudos to the larger pages that manage this by themselves. i know there isn’t a lot just now but if you feel like taking a look you can here, if you like it give me a follow. content will relate to games, technology, content posted here and the odd bit of whatever i’m interested personally (Anime, TV, Movies, NFL)


as usual let me know what you think, whether you think this is a good or bad choice ? indifference is acceptable too! if this takes off we will be looking at some more apps in future. some suggestions on what you think would work will always be appreciated, more game related content coming tomorrow, for my latest piece see my thoughts on the latest Outlast release!

thanks again guys!


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