June 2017 – personal thoughts

I feel these pieces are a little weird in my stuff. From what I can tell not many others are really rocking the games and tech reviews while adding a personal piece to it now and then which makes me feel both good and bad, good because its semi unique and everyone who wants to do well needs that unique aspect to their work in order to stand out from the crowd but I also don’t feel so great about it because I wonder what if they don’t all do this because nobody wants to hear about the authors personal life when they come to the internet for game reviews? I like to quell the latter thought with the former and entertain the idea that the personal stuff really adds to what I write. I mean I started it for personal feeling. Wanted something to do with my surplus of time and to write. I always loved writing. Even attempted a book once but it was total garbage and condemned to the waste basket after 9 chapters 😀 ! I have been endearing to work my way through my current backlog though and even managed to blast some of the heavy hitters I just hadn’t gotten around to playing, the Witcher 3 was the largest. Clocked 100 hours in that on my first completed pass and just my luck I did everything good and still got the bad ending! Or the least favourable ending would probably be more accurate. I’ve been reading more actual books too. I have a vast collection of books that I’ve bought but never actually read and I’m finally getting to those (maybe because I had to unbox them all it made sense to read them)

I also realise that part of the reason I haven’t done a lot lately is laziness… I always get that feeling after I start something that I just get bored with it and abandon it but I don’t want to do that with this so I’ve been pushing myself lately to take this a little more seriously effort wise. hence the featured image for this one XD if I want to play hard then I have to work hard to earn it and make it worth while!

salvaged my brothers old PS3 … some old stuff coming soon

So, I wrote a piece a while back on trying to incorporate social media into what I was doing here but I can’t say that it’s gone as well as I had hoped that it would. Firstly, I realised why I don’t like twitter very much, the character constraints are a real annoyance for me as I’m not really a low amount of characters person BUT I have endured and it is improving. I like the connections that I have with it and having the ability to post to twitter the pieces I write at the same time as I post them here! I would like to use Instagram more with it preferably as I do have a penchant for that more than twitter. The prospect of Facebook terrifies me because then I’m opening up to everyone I know to come and shred my work and despite being open to criticism I’m not yet prepared for their criticism 😀 but it’s proving to be something that I just feel needs more time but my lack of patience doesn’t have it in me to give it that XD I have a total of four followers since posting this … more than I had expected to be honest but still insanely low.

it’s getting a little cramped at the desk, new one soon !

To go with the trouble I’m having managing the social media connections feature I want I also had the joy of moving location during the middle of this month which also saw a drastic reduction in the amount that I had posted. I think I managed just shy of 12 pieces in the first 5 weeks but only got 5 out the last month. Was not exactly what I was hoping for to stay with my brother but I’m glad he could put me up while I find a new place. he lives the next town over from where I was living which has its perks and disadvantages. The perks being that I am now close enough to walk into town for the cinema, GAME and fast food (also class when I finally start back in august) the cons being that its further away from work and my travel costs now increase slightly which sucks. A major drawback of living with my brother though has to be fitting all my stuff including a king sized bed into what used to be his living room, the bed is so comfortable but damn there’s a distinct lack of space in here … it’s kind of terrible and great at the same time. One of the perks of living with my brother though aside from the fact he’s a professional chef is that I got to get my hands on his old PS3, this doesn’t sound like much but to be honest it now allows me to get through a backlog I had going well before I got into PC gaming many years ago, I STILL haven’t finished Ni No Kuni wrath of the white witch and I still like to play through the HD remaster for Metal Gear Solid 3: snake eater (still my all time favourite game) so im hoping to get some more stuff done with that and a glorious return to Battlefield 4 C4 ON EVERYTHING !

Mentioning work, my broke ass finally got some in the form of Student loans. Started on Monday and it isn’t as bad as people had made it out to be to me 😀 I mean I worked for IBM and had people threaten to have my job for far less than these people have a minor complaint over 😊 it’s so good to be working again though after so long being unemployed. Mainly because the money is good and now I can afford to get to games that were before now not able to be played by my poor ass 😥 such as PREY and the new Tekken 7 game … reviews to come for those bad boys and for some new technical; equipment too. Possibly some recorded game footage for a change. It also means I can enjoy the very rear end of the summer sale for Steam which I haven’t logged into in weeks because I’d rather play nothing than be subjected to the pain of looking at damn good sales I can’t spend money in…it’s like window shopping in rodeo drive when you make minimum wage… it’s pretty but the painful reality is it isn’t going to happen 😥

anyway that’s enough for now with the personal thoughts. more to come in future, thanks again guys! 😀


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