Welcome my Friends to my humble site, i’ll try my best to keep up with the latest releases that i get the chance to play across PC, PS4 and the XB1 and even try to get my hands on the shiniest new pieces of kit coming from the tech sector (like those new Ryzen 7 and Intel I9 CPU’s .. *homer drooling*) ! as a former games development student and current computing student i think my insight can be adequately informed and at times even slightly funny πŸ˜€

the schedule at the moment is a little shaky and i do apologise if some things are reviewed a little later than release or when new info emerges for tech but as a student i also have my personal workload and kindly ask forgiveness until i can get things on schedule πŸ˜€ !


keep it civil guys, no politics, bullying or aggressive behaviour. only a love for games, tech and gingers permitted ! that being said debate is more than welcome so ask questions and make comments to your hearts desire !

i hope you enjoy the content, nothing professional just all for fun so like comment, share and let me know what you think! thanks guys !